Now it's your turn! Even if you haven't launched your campaign yet, write down in the form below what exactly you'll be able to measure.
Campaign goal:
You can devise the coolest campaign in the world, but will it make a difference? Innovations and creativity are the key ingredients of break-through campaigns. But you won't know if behaviour changed until you can measure the results of the process, goals and tasks.

Process, outcome or impact measurement work like a funnel. Most of the results of your measurements will be considering the success of specific tactics (process), narrowing down to a small number of attitude change toward something (change) and finally finishing with an impact on behaviour (impact). Measure whatever you can, but measuring impact is the real evidence of genuine social change.
PROCESS MEASURES. Defines the SUCCESS OF MARKETING PRACTICES (often – the quantity of an audience that they helped to target). For example:
number of partnerships established
number of websites visits and sources downloads
number of events held
number of the participants
number of signed petitions
social media analytics
OUTCOME MEASURES. Defines the IMPACT on changes in people's attitude of a problem:
surveys of the output level of convictions/knowledge and post-campaign surveys
social media sentiment analysis
pre-post surveys of behaviour changes: how many people want/plan to act in a different way?
IMPACT MEASURES. Defines the MEASUREABLE AND EXISTING effects of the behaviour change that has been the target of a campaign. For example:
Soft drinks: sales data show decrease in purchases
Health insurance: increase in enrolment
Medications: more cases of retuning non-used prescribed medications, less overdose cases